How are your 2019 MLB Future Bets Looking?

Isn’t the beginning of the baseball season the best? Last year is a thing of the past, and this year holds all the promise in the world. Teams look STACKED on paper and turn out to be trash bags, while teams that looked trash bags on paper wind up surprising many of us.

Anyways….. this is how I am looking a few months into the season.


  1. San Diego Padres – $100 to win $9000

The Padres currently reside in 2nd to last place in the NL WEST. While it may sound bad, they actually are only 4 games back from the 2nd Wild Card spot. They are young, which should keep them from breaking down towards the end of the season, and I still like my chances of them “sneaking” into the playoffs.

2. Seattle Mariners – $100 to win $10,000

A month into the season I looked like the smartest man on the face of the earth. However, those first place Mariners quickly turned into those last place trash bags lol. This bet is basically dead in the water.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates – $100 to win $9000

Believe it or not, I still like this bet. They are 7 games back from the 2nd Wild Card spot, however they lost Taillon and Trevor. It’s hard to make up for 2 starters like that, and both should be back relatively soon. A solid 2nd half, and the Pirates many find themselves in the thick of things come September.

4. Kansas City Royals – $100 to win $10,000

LOL! It may be funny now, but this team is gonna have a legit shot in the next 2-3 years. I was just a tad too early on them.


Ok, so these are a little more realistic!

  1. San Diego Padres OVER 78.5 Wins – $330 to win $300

The Padres are 33-34 at the moment after 67 Games (.493 win percentage). This puts them on pace for 80 wins. Cutting it close but we will take it.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates OVER 77.5 Wins – $360 to win $300

Sitting at 30-36, the Pirates currently hold a .455 win percentage. This puts them on pace for 74 wins. We can make that up with a healthy staff!

3. Kansas City Royals OVER 69 Wins – $330 to win $300

Sitting at 21-45, the Royals currently sport a paltry .318 win percentage. This puts them on pace for 52 wins. Another LOL Royals Bet.

4. Chicago White Sox OVER 74.5 Wins – $300 to win $435

I like this one a lot! Great odds, and the Sox are playing to their potential! The White Sox are currently 32-34 (.485 win percentage) and on pace for 79 wins!

The season is most definitely still young, but I have no problem showing my plays early on! You’re ALWAYS going to win some and lose some!

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