2019 Topps Tier One – PYT Case Break Advice.

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YES! It’s that time of the year again. You know what we are talking about. The Bowman craze begins to fizzle out, and the higher end Hall of Fame heavy products begin to trickle onto the market.

Tier one always brings the heat, and this year is no different!

See the full checklist here:

Made famous for their unique bat knob cards, some select cases will feature 1/1 cards with full bat knobs on them! Other cases will feature 1/1 cut signatures from greats such as Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth ETC!

You really can’t go wrong with any team on the checklist this year, so rather than give you the TOP teams, we are going to focus on the teams we feel will be a bargain on release day.

  1. Blue Jays

While that checklist may not seem all that impressive, take another quick look at the last card on the list. Yup. That is Vlad Guerrero Jr. He will be inserted in this product as a mystery redemption. While they don’t come out as often as other hits, (we noticed the mystery redemptions coming out of other products at a rate of 1 per 8 cases on avg) they do come out. If you are lucky enough to land one, BOOM.

If you are going to spend the money on another weaker team, why not spend it on one with the upside of the Jays. I have a feeling you are going to be seeing a lot more of this card than you think.

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2. Seattle Mariners

Those of you who listened to us about the Dodgers in Diamond Kings were rewarded handsomely. We believe the Dodgers were the right play because Vin Scully was on the checklist. The scenario which we have before us right now is eerily similar. The Mariners (while not loaded) have a nice amount of hits, however if you take a closer look you will find Ichiro on the checklist. Not only is Ichiro on the checklist, he has 8 different variations (with one being /335 or less). Your odds of landing an Ichiro auto have probably never been this high in any other product before. Landing a base Ichiro auto with easily land you a ROI of 3X your buy in!

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3. Milwaukee Brewers

Christian Yelich may still be under the radar to some, but he won’t be for much longer. The rookie market for Yelich has corrected recently (as it should have) and it’s just a matter of time before everything Yelich takes a nice jump. This may be one of the final times the Brewers and Yelich are looked at as one of the “weaker” teams.

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4. Chicago White Sox

Tim Anderson has been pretty good so far this year huh? 🙂 Well he is your free bonus! Look at him creeping on the bottom of the checklist. Others might miss that, but you shouldn’t.

The real keys to this checklist are Eloy Jimenez, Frank Thomas and Michael Kopech, and they come at a very affordable price compared to some of the higher market teams on the checklist.

Nice safe floor on this team.

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