Undervalued, but never forgotten – Why now is the time to buy!

As a breaker, we continuously look for creative break formats to offer our customers. One of the most popular formats for all breakers is the “Mixer”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term… a mixer is basically a mix of different sealed products offered up in the same break. While there is no “right” way to run a mixer, some breakers keep it to one brand only such as Topps, while others may mix up with many different brands.

One day while searching for different products to possibly add in my mixers, I came across something that simply did not make any sense at all.

Check this out….

2019 Bowman Baseball Jumbo HTA 8 Box Case – $2644.95

2018 Bowman Baseball Jumbo HTA 8 Box Case – SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE

2018 Bowman Draft Super Jumbo 6 Box Case – $2279.95

2017 Bowman Draft Baseball Jumbo 8 Box Case – SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE

2017 Bowman Baseball Jumbo HTA 8 Box Case – SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE

2016 Bowman Draft Baseball Super Jumbo 6 Box Case – $2649.95

Now, although some of these cases are impossible to find, trust me when I say that even if you could find them they sure as heck won’t come cheap! (and rightfully so).

These cases are potentially filled with some of the greatest prospects of the past 10 years, and if you pull the right color of the right player well…. we are talking a small fortune.

Now let me introduce you to a fantastic buying opportunity.

2015 Bowman Draft Super Jumbo 6 Box Case – $1499.95

Which of these products is not like the other? 🙂

2015 Bowman Draft is a loaded product. There are Bowman 1st autos of Walker Buehler, Andrew Benintendi, Dansby Swanson, Brendan Rodgers, Kyle Tucker, Christian Stewart, Ian Happ, Scott Kingery, Taylor Ward, Austin Riley, Chris Shaw, Ryan Mountcastle, Ke’Bryan Hayes, Kevin Newman, Cam Gibson, Beau Burrows and others!

Many of these names have recently landed in the MLB, some are still up and coming with major potential, some have hit and fizzled a bit, while others are proven studs (Benintendi).

Have people forgotten about Dansby Swanson? The guy was the #1 overall pick in 2015! He had a rough go to start his career, but CMON! They moved him up way too quickly (majors in his first full year).

Swanson is only 25 years old and is starting to put it all together for the Braves! When his stock rises (which i think will happen any day now if he keeps it up), so will this case!

Another reason I love this product is because everyone seems to have forgotten about Brendan Rodgers! This guy is a STUD, and is currently raking in AAA with an OPS of over 1000!

When he gets the call up, the case stock should rise even more.

Could I be wrong? Yes. Am I right a lot more than I am wrong with this kinda stuff? Yes.

I see a nice amount of upside with very little downside which is why I am strongly recommending this play.

If I could help the collector out there who is looking to put his money in the right stuff, but doesn’t have the guidance needed and is spending blindly, then I have done my job.

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