Bowman on a Budget. Players and teams to target in 2019 Bowman Baseball.

Bowman baseball is amazing….. and dangerous. It’s the hottest baseball product to release each and every year (hands down), and if you didn’t know better, it almost looks like easy money from the sidelines.

I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I have seen in the last 24 hours alone, depicting stories of people landing $1500 cards from $5.99 packs of baseball cards from Walmart and Target. A quick eBay search will show an orange Wander Franco auto /25 sold recently for $7000. That is the top sold card (so far), and there have also been sales of $4500 and lower on other colored Wander Franco autographed Bowman baseball cards.

What you don’t see however, are the millions of dollars thrown away chasing these fantasy cards by people looking to hit it big in a random format Bowman break, hobby store purchase, or simply a $5.99 hanger pack from Walmart or Target.

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Tip #1 (and this is completely off track and not what the article is about, but I see it happening WAYYY too much): AVOID RANDOM BREAK FORMATS FOR BOWMAN!

If you want to play recreationally that is one thing, however to dump $400 on spots chasing Wander in a random is FOOLISH! Buy the damn Rays at that point.

Moving on….

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First let’s touch on the Wander craze.

I personally LOVE Wander Franco and have been buying up his chrome 1st rookies, NOT his autos. Why? I just don’t see how a raw Soto 1st Bowman Autographed card is selling for less than a Wander Franco. How much higher can a base Wander even go at this point?

A 2016 Bowman Draft Chrome Vlad Jr. auto just sold for $1300 in a PSA 10. Why would you spend $500 on a Wander (that may not even gem), when you could buy a PSA 10 Vlad Jr. for $1300? I don’t understand that. If you don’t have the $1300, save until you do. Best case scenario, Wander turns into Vlad, and your raw Wander (and it’s probably gonna stay raw, because let’s be real.. everyone in this industry thinks they are smarter than the next guy and isn’t selling a raw Wander right now unless it has a flaw) lands you $700 profit in 3 years if it Gems. That is a ROI of approximately 120%.

A smarter play in my opinion would be chasing his 1st chrome cards. They are trading for $10 raw right now. If he follows the path of Vlad (as explained above), his raw 1st Bowman would fetch approximately $40-$50 in 3 years. That would be a ROI of approximately 300-400% with a lot less money laid out in the interim.


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If you don’t have deep pockets like most of us, there are still ways to get in on the Bowman craze while on a budget. Targeting the teams I mention below in PYT breaks, should net you a nice return down the line at their current price point.

  1. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are usually found in the 40-50 dollar range in Jumbo PYT breaks. They feature one player I LOVE and one who also has some potential.

Rylan Bannon/Ryan McKenna

2. Cleveland Indians

The Indians are usually priced in the 30-40 dollar range in Jumbo PYT breaks.

They have a young pitcher named Eli Morgan on the checklist who we are high on as well!

3. Colorado Rockies

The Rockies are usually priced in the 50-$75 range in Jumbo PYT breaks.

They have 3 huge power bats, but feature one of my absolute favorite prospects in Casey Golden.

4. Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are usually priced in the 30-45 dollar range in Jumbo PYT breaks.

I like Matt Vierling. He is an intriguing prospect and worth a roll of the dice this year.

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Not into breaks? That’s cool too. Here are some players I would target on eBay who are priced affordably with some nice upside.

  1. Casey Golden (Rockies)
  2. Chad Spanberger (Jays)
  3. Steele Walker (White Sox)
  4. Eli Morgan (Indians)
  5. Rylan Bannon (Orioles)
  6. Matt Vierling (Phillies)
  7. Nate Lowe (Rays)

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