2019 Bowman – Breakdown of the entire prospect checklist


  1. Jose Suarez

Jose Suarez is a 21 year old pitcher from Venezuela who has filthy stuff. He jumped from A ball all the way to AAA last year, and while his stuff is still very raw, it is also very electrifying. He posted a 10.9 K/9 through 3 levels last season.

Blue Jays

  1. Chad Spanberger

Chad Spanberger is a 23 year old who was drafted in the 6th round of the 2017 Draft. He possesses the rare combination of power and average. In 2017 (rookie ball) he smashed 19 homers in 235 ABs, while batting .294. He then followed up his 2017 campaign with an even better 2018 in A ball where he clubbed 27 homers in 463 ABs, while batting .298.

We really like Spanberger a lot. Keep an eye on this guy.


  1. Derian Cruz

Derian Cruz is a 20 year old second baseman currently bouncing between rookie and A ball for the Braves. While extremely raw, he does possess speed which can not be taught.

2. Isranel (Izzy) Wilson

Isranel Wilson is a 21 year old outfielder who has never made it past A ball. He has been in the minors since 2015 (17 years old), and actually mashed 10 homers in only 144 ABs in 2015, however has not done much since.


  1. Andrew Knizner

Knizner is a 24 year old catcher out of NC State who is currently in AAA. While he does possess some power, his real strength lies in the way he handles the bat. Through 4 seasons in the minors, Knizner holds a .308 AVG.

2. Elehuris Montero

Montero is a 20 year old third baseman from the Dominican Republic who is currently in AA. He is a very intriguing prospect to us. He hit 16 home runs last year in A ball while batting .315 in 480 ABs.

We like the potential here.

3. Genesis Cabrera

Cabrera is a 22 year old pitcher from the Dominican Republic who is currently pitching in AAA. He has some nasty stuff, but has yet to put it all together.

4. Mateo Gil

Gil is 18 years old and straight out of high school. The young shortstop is currently having a tough time in rookie ball, however is still young enough to figure it out. He was drafted in the 3rd round of last years amateur draft.


  1. Keegan Thompson

Thompson is a 24 year old pitcher out of Auburn who was taken in the third round of the 2017 draft. He is currently pitching in AA and we really like this guy a lot. In 2017 Keegan pitched to a 2.39 ERA and 1.00 WHIP with a 10.9 K/9 (although it was in a small sample size) in A ball. He then followed it up with a stellar 2018 season in A and AA ball in which he posted a 3.69 ERA, 1.15 WHIP and 8 K/9 over 129.2 innings. He only pitched once this year so far (AA) however the results look promising as he twirled 5 innings of NO HIT baseball while striking out 8 and issuing 1 walk.

Keep your eyes on Keegan!

2. Miguel Amaya

Amaya is a 20 year old catcher from Panama who is currently in A ball. He has been in the minors since 2016 and hasn’t done anything particular well in any season. He doesn’t hit for average, but he has started to show some pop at the plate posting 12 homers and 21 doubles last year in 414 AB. He already has 3 doubles and a homer this year in 29 AB.


  1. Blaze Alexander

Blaze intrigues us. He is a 19 year old shortstop who is currently in rookie ball. Last year in rookie ball Blaze hit 5 dingers while swiping 10 bags and batting .329 in only 210 ABs. He’s got our attention.

2. Matt Mercer

Although we haven’t seen much from Mercer (only 29 IP last season between rookie and A ball), he did post a 3.10 ERA, .97 WHIP and 11.8 K/9.

3. Taylor Widener

Originally drafted by the Yankees in the 2016 draft, Widener has proven to be elite at all levels of the minors through his tenure in the minor leagues. In 2016 Taylor posted a .47 ERA, .62 WHIP and a 13.9 K/9 through 38.1 IP in A ball (no that isn’t a typo). Those are straight up wiffle ball numbers. Then in 2017, he followed it up with a 3.39 ERA, 1.15 and almost 10 K/9 over 119.1 IP in A ball. In 2018 Taylor pitched to a 2.75 ERA, 1.03 WHIP and 11.5 K/9 over 137.1 IP in AA ball. He is currently in AAA and finding it a little tougher, however it is still early and there is still A LOT to like about this guy.


  1. Cristian Santana

Santana is a 22 year old third baseman who has been in the Dodgers minor league system since 17 years of age. His first 2 seasons weren’t anything to write home about, however in 2016 he slugged 8 homers in 172 ABs while batting .256. Then in 2017, things started clicking a bit more as he clubbed 10 homers in 215 ABs while batting .363. He then followed this up by smacking 24 home runs and 109 RBI’s over a full season in 2018 while batting .274 in A ball. Santana is now in AA batting .361 over 36 ABs.

Keep an eye on Santana!

2. Diego Cartaya

In 2018 the Dodgers inked top international prospect Diego Cartaya, hoping to have found themselves their catcher of the future. Cartaya is only 17 years of age, however is already a plus hitter who has drawn comparisons to Salvador Perez. The sky is the limit for this youngster.


  1. Joey Bart

The 22 year old catcher out of Georgia Tech was taken 2nd overall in last years draft. He will without a doubt be one of the hottest tickets in this years product. Last year he clubbed 13 homers in 204 ABs while batting .294 between rookie and A ball. This year in limited action (32 ABs) he has hit 2 home runs while batting .281.

He won’t come cheap on release day, however is one of the most promising talents in the product.

2. Logan Webb

Webb has been in the minors since 2014 and is still only 22 years old. He had a tough go round his first 2 seasons in rookie and A ball, however in 2017 he seemed to have found something in limited action on the mound. Then in 2018 he posted a 2.41 ERA in over 100 innings while almost reaching a 9 K/9. This year through 10 IP he has an ERA under 1. While his stuff isn’t overwhelming (career 1.35 WHIP), he is one of those pitchers that seems to usually find his way out of trouble.

3. Marco Luciano

Luciano was MLB Pipeline’s No. 3-ranked international prospect last summer before signing with San Francisco. Luciano has a gorgeous right-handed swing and was viewed by many scouts as the best pure hitter in his signing class. Like Franco, the 17-year-old has the type of offensive tools that should allow him to make an immediate impact when called to action.

Luciano should be another hot name on release day.


  1. Aaron Civale

The 22 year old hurler currently resides in AA ball. He isn’t necessarily a strikeout pitcher, but he is a great pitcher none the less. 2016 saw Civale post a ridiculous 1.67 ERA and .82 WHIP across 32 innings in A ball. Then in 2017 he posted a 3.28 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP over 165 IP in A ball. 2018 was a bit of a down year as he jumped to AA ball. He posted a 3.89 ERA and 1.28 WHIP over 100+ innings pitched. He may not be a sexy name, but could be one of the guys in this product who actually has a productive MLB career.

2. Eli Morgan

Now this is a promising young arm. The 22 year old Morgan had a great 1st year in the minors posting a 1.03 ERA, .94 WHIP and 14.9 K/9 in 2017 over 35 innings of A ball. Then in 2018 he kept the ball rolling posting 3.27 ERA and 1.10 WHIP across 143 IP. Things are looking even better this year as he has posted a 0.00 ERA and .45 WHIP across 11 IP.

We like ELI a lot!


  1. Julio Rodriguez

Rodriguez is another speedy outfielder who is featured in this product. The 18 year old outfielder had a field day in rookie ball last year, posting a sweet 5 HR/10 SB line while batting .315 over 205 ABs. While his Home Run and Steals column is still sporting a goose egg early in 2019, he does have a ridiculous .355 BA through his first 35 AB.

Keep a close eye on Julio.


  1. Edward Cabrera

Without getting too in depth… He’s a pitcher, He’s OK, We’d probably pass. Moving on…

2. Victor Mesa Jr.

The 17 year old phenom is the younger brother of top rated prospect Victor Victor Mesa. Mesa Jr. is a switch-hitter who starred for Cuba’s 18U national team. He has drawn some criticism as many believe Moncada and Robert were better hitters from Cuba at his age. Time will tell on Mesa Jr., however if Jeter likes him, we will go along for the ride.

3. Victor Victor Mesa

The sky is the limit for Mesa. Mesa is ranked the top prospect in the Marlins farm system. While extremely raw, he profiles as a top of the order hitter. He stole 40 bags a few years back in Cuba while batting .354. This year in A ball, he is having a bit of a tough go round, however has still swiped 3 bags in 8 games.

He will be one of the hotter names on release day.


  1. Ronny Mauricio

18 year old shortstop Mauricio is currently batting .313 is 31 ABs in A ball. He had a tough time in rookie ball last year, stealing 2 bases while getting caught 6 times. The speed is there, but he is still very very raw.


  1. Telmito Agustin

Telmito is an interesting prospect. He has a nice combination of pop and speed (10 homers/13 steals in 2017 A ball), however he strikes out way too much. He doesn’t take many walks either. It could click for him at any time though, and if it does he would become a big time prospect with his raw tool set.


  1. Dean Kremer

Kremer is a right handed pitcher with some big time swing and miss stuff. Last year he posted a phenomenal 2.88 ERA 1.17 WHIP and 12.2 K/9 through 131 innings of A and AA ball.

Keep an eye on Kremer.

2. Ryan McKenna

McKenna is a speed guy with some pop as is evidenced by his 17 steals in 62 games in 2016. He then stole 20 bags in a full season in 2017 and another 9 bags last year. He strikes out a bit too much right now, but that could be corrected over time. Still only 22 years old, McKenna has the tools to make an impact if a few things click.

3. Rylan Bannon

We like Rylan a lot. In 2017 Bannon slugged 10 homers in only 149 ABs while batting .336 in rookie ball. Then in 2018 he clubbed 22 homers throughout A and AA ball while batting .275 and posting a .386 OBP. He has a real good eye, and plays infield which is wide open in Baltimore.

One of our top sneaky plays.


  1. Esteury Ruiz

Ruiz isn’t just fast…. he’s really fast! He stole 49 bags while hammering 12 homers last year in A ball. While the power came out of nowhere, the speed didn’t. In 2017 Ruiz swiped 26 bags in rookie ball. This guy is another sleeper for us on release day.

2. Reggie Lawson

Young pitcher, decent stuff. We don’t think there is much to see here.

3. Tirso Ornelas

Another Padres which we aren’t particularly high on. Through 2 seasons in the minors he hasn’t showed much. We’d be looking elsewhere.


  1. Matt Vierling

Vierling had a solid showing last year during his first year in the minors, posting 7 homers and 7 steals across 234 ABs while batting a solid .321. This year he is showing much of the same as he has a homer and 3 steals to go along with a .343 average through his first 9 games. We like him a lot.

2. Will Stewart

Stewart is a bit of a conundrum. He is pitching better in A ball than in rookie ball. His first 3 seasons in rookie ball were pretty weak, however last year in A ball he posted a stellar 2.06 ERA and .98 WHIP while going 8-1 across 113 innings. He has started off 2019 on the same foot, posting a 1.35 ERA and .75 WHIP across 13 innings. While his stuff isn’t overwhelming, he is a pitcher not a thrower and who knows how to pitch.


  1. Cal Mitchell

Mitchel is a 20 year old outfielder who currently resides in A ball. He showed a little pop last year (10 home runs) and posted a solid .280 AVG. We aren’t overly excited about Cal, but who knows?

2. Mason Martin

Martin is a bit of a mystery. In his first season in rookie ball, he homered 11 times in 127 ABs while posting a .307 BA. Then in 2018 he was moved to A ball and back down to rookie ball, where he was a huge disappointment , posting a .220 BA while striking out 149 times. This year in A ball he is currently batting .171. He does possess raw power, and all it takes is for something to click mentally with these young prospects, and they can become dangerous quickly. He is a pass for us (for now).


  1. Jonathan Hernandez

Hernandez is a 22 year old pitcher currently calling AA his home. He is a solid prospect, however there was nothing in particular that stood out when we took the dive into his numbers. He has been in the minors since 2013 (16 years old). Another pass for us.

2. Julio Pablo Martinez

Julio possesses some speed and pop, however is still extremely raw. The 23 year old currently resides in A ball, where he has a homer, 4 steals and is batting .281 through 8 games. We’d keep an eye on him.


  1. Brock Burke

Burke is a 22 year old hurler who has been in the Rays system since he was 17. He has some decent stuff, however nothing in particular stands out about him. Don’t get me wrong…. His numbers are good and I think he will make a fine major league pitcher, but I personally don’t see a high ceiling here.

2. Nate Lowe

If only Franco wasn’t in this product! Lowe has some big time potential, however will be pricey on release day due to Wander Franco being on the same team. The 23 year old slugger made his way from A-AAA last year while smashing 27 homers and posting a .330 BA and over .400 OBP. What’s even more promising is his BB/K ratio. He walked 68 times and only struck out 90 times. Big time potential here. We like him a lot.

3. Wander Franco

As of right this second, Franco is the #1 chase player in this product. The 17 year old phenom hit 11 homers is 242 ABs last year while batting .351 and posting a plus 400 OBP. The sky is the limit and there is absolute super star potential here! Go crazy folks… go crazy!

4. Ronaldo Hernandez

Boy the Rays are deep in this product. Hernandez is another great talent in the Rays farm system who has some pop and shows great plate discipline. He hit 21 homers in A ball last year while hitting .284. Even more impressive was his 31 walks to 69 strikeouts. Still only 21, he has the raw tools, but he is still just that… Raw.

5. Tommy Romero

Yet another great prospect in the Rays system. Romero posted a stellar sub 3 ERA last year in A ball (his whip was a bit high) and a 9.2 K/9 in 128 innings last year. This year he has picked back up on the same foot through his first 8.1 innings. While he’s not a huge strikeout pitcher, it’s clear he’s got good stuff from what we have seen. A nice consolation prize if you miss out on Wander.


  1. Lyon Richardson

Richardson is a 19 year old pitcher who was taken in the 2nd round of the 2018 draft by the Reds. Last year he had a rough go around in rookie ball posting a 7.14 ERA and 1.82 WHIP through 29 innings. This year he seems to have found his footing, posting a 1.17 ERA and 1.17 WHIP to go along with an 11.7 K/9 through his first 7 innings. A raw but very promising arm.


  1. Casey Golden

This is one of our favorite players in the product this year. Major sleeper in our opinion. Check this out: He is already 24 years old. Some may not like that…. We do. In 2017 while in rookie ball, Golden clubbed 20 homers while posting a .288 AVG and .372 OBP in 208 ABs (Yes 208 ABs). Then in 2018 he went on to hit 34 homers while post a solid .278 AVG and .356 OBP. His downside? He strikes out a ton! Like seriously… a TON! His average and OBP are still solid though. Maybe a tad lucky in the BABIP department? Sure.. could be, however power like this doesn’t grow on trees.

We loveee Golden.

2. Roberto Ramos

Another 24 year old power hitter in the rockies organization. He is a bit further along than Golden (AAA this year), and possesses similar power (a tad bit less). He has been in the system since 2014, and has slowly showed more and more pop. Last year he hit 32 dingers between A and AA ball, while posting a respectable .269 AVG and .368 OBP. He strikes out a ton as well, but not as much as Golden. We like Ramos a lot as well!

3. Vince Fernandez

Vince is another prospect who is going to be 24 in the Rockies organization. The lefty hitter currently resides in AA where he has been having a tough time of late. Last year however Vince popped 24 homers while stealing 10 bases (intriguing) and posted a solid .370 OBP. The knock on Fernandez is he strikes out a ton like his other Rockies counterparts. We are not as high on him as we are the other 2 prospects, however he’s still got a nice amount of potential (more so than many other prospects in this product).


  1. Brewer Hicklen

The 22 year old Hicklen had a smoking year in A ball last year, clubbing 18 homers while stealing 35 bags (intriguing). He also posted a solid .286 AVG and .354 OBP. Power and speed like this is tough to come by for sure, however it is fair to note that he is having a very tough time this year so far in AA. We definitely think he is worth a shot, and may surprise many of us.

2. Gabriel Cancel

Cancel has a bit of speed and a bit of power, however nothing jumps out at us. He’s still only 23, however he’d be a pass for us.

3. Seuly Matias

Matias has raw power. 31 homers last year. .231 Avg last year. Never hit for average in his previous seasons, and the power actually came from nowhere as his previous high was 8 (200 ABs). He also struck out 120 times in only 338 ABs. (Gross). High risk high reward player for sure as that power isn’t anything to laugh at, however to expect him to turn into a super star at this junction of the game is rainbows and unicorns.


  1. Brock Deatherage

Brock Deatherage had a solid go around in his first year of pro ball last year between Rookie and AA. He socked 7 homers and stole 19 bags while batting 326 in 230 ABs. While the average is low this year, he does already have 5 steal in only 8 games. Keep an eye on this guy. We wouldn’t go “HAM” but we wouldn’t not invest either.


  1. Andrew Bechtold

Nothing to see here. Move along.

2. Ryan Costello

Costello had a decent year last year in A ball, hitting 20 homers while posting a .258 AVG and .353 OBP in 442 ABs. In 2017 Costello had a strong showing in rookie ball as well, posting a solid .331 AVG and .430 OBP while hammering out 8 homers in only 142 ABs. Nice prospect for sure.

White Sox

  1. Steele Walker

Taken in the 2nd round of last years draft, Walker had an “ok” first season in rookie and A ball. He hit 5 homers, swiped 6 bags and posted a .209 AVG in 158 ABs. This year he seems to have taken a different approach at the plate as he is batting .333 with a .385 OBP to go along with 4 doubles and 2 steals. The raw tools are there, and the adjustments he had made this year have us feeling pretty good about him.


2. Dom Thompson-Williams

Thompson-Williams had a strong year last year before being traded to Seattle in the offseason in the Paxton deal. In 368 ABs (A ball) he clubbed 22 homers, swiped 20 bags and hit .299. This came out of no where as the previous 2 years he hit a combined 6 homers. He does possess a unique skill set (20/20) and is off to a decent start this year in AA (2 homers and 2 steals) in 28 ABs. He’s definitely worth a flier.

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