Why 2019 Gypsy Queen is KING! EXCLUSIVE Pick Your Team Case Break Advice.

2019 Topps Gypsy Queen has taken a HUGE leap of faith with it’s new color scheme and we absolutely LOVE IT!

Following up last weeks Inception release which featured a popular new pastel color scheme, Gypsy Queen decided to go away from it’s traditional faded, washed away look of previous years. This years design demands your attention, and it had no issues grabbing ours.

Check out this beautiful base card of Ronald Acuna below.

2019 Topps Gypsy Queen Ronald Acuna Base Card.

Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets dive head first into the checklist and find our favorite and most undervalued plays in the product!


  1. New York Yankees

Well this should come as no surprise to anyone. The Yankees lead the way yet again, with a star studded checklist. Take a look at the Yankees checklist below:

Aaron Judge, Mariano Rivera, Chance Adams, Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier, Andrew McCutchen and Didi Gregorious. This has star power, Hall of Fame power, and upside potential as well with Adams and Frazier in the “Hits Department.” (pun intended)

Judge, Gleyber and Stanton all have Jackie Robinson and 4th of July short print variations, while greats such as Gehrig, Ruth, Jeter, Mattingly and Maris all have base SP’s making it a lot easier to recoup your initial investments than most other teams in this product.

I would have absolutely zero problem taking the Yankees in every single 2019 Topps Gypsy Queen case break.

2. Los Angeles Angels

While there is no other team on the checklist this year quite as powerful as the Yankees, the Angels make for a very solid number 2.

Take a look at the Angels checklist below:

Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani lead the way for the Angels, except this time they are backed up by future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols and current Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson!

Mike Trout also sports a Jackie Robinson and Players Weekend SP variation insert as well.

The Angels have a very stacked checklist this year that is definitely worthy of your consideration.

3. Houston Astros

That’s it! I can not deny the Astros from the Top Plays list any longer! The Astros checklist is loaded this year and deserves to be here.

Take a look at the Astros checklist below:

Want super stars? Check. Want one of the most promising rookies in the product? Check. Altuve, Bregman, Correa, Springer and Tucker are all on the list and have many variations as well.

A much cheaper alternative to the Yankees, with a very close punch.

4. Chicago Cubs

The stars have finally aligned (another cheesy pun intended) in a 2019 product for the Cubbies! They finally have all their studs on one checklist.

Take a look at the Cubs checklist below.

This is the first time in 2019 that Bryant, Rizzo, Baez, Schwarber and Bote all grace the same checklist and we are absolutely LOVING IT.

Another fantastic option if you’re not looking to completely spend up on the Yankees.

5. Washington Nationals

Yet another LOADED checklist in this years Gypsy Queen comes by way of the Washington Nationals.

Take a look at the Nationals Checklist below:

This may be the last chance you get to take advantage of Harper on a Nationals checklist. Oh yea, this guy named Juan Soto and Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero is also on the checklist. STRONG PLAY.

6. Boston Red Sox

The final team which we simply could not ignore and leave off the Top Plays list is the Boston Red Sox.

Take a look at the Red Sox checklist below:

Want Hall of Famers? Check. Want Future Hall of Famers? Check. Want All-Stars? They have those too!

Carl Yastrzemski, David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, Andrew Benintendi, Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers are all live on this checklist. SAWX fans as well as those looking for tremendous value should be jumping all over them in this product!


  1. Atlanta Braves

No Acuna = No Top Play list for us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a smart value play on release day.

Take a look at the Braves checklist below:

We expect big things from both Freeman and Albies this year, so if you’re big on them like we are, you have a shot at these names for a lot less than if Acuna was on the checklist. We are also very high on Folty as well this year. Although Mike is battling an injury at the moment, we think he can take a huge step towards elite ace status this year. Buy with confidence.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

While the checklist is rather bare bones, I am super high on both Aguilar and Burnes this year, as well as years to follow.

I expect a repeat of last year for Aguilar, and now that Burnes has found his way onto the opening day Brewers rotation, the sky is the limit for him.

Throw in the fact that Yelich is on here as well, and they are a no brainer at their current release day price.

Heck we may even be talking about Yelich as World Series MVP this time next year 🙂 #justsaying

3. Seattle Mariners

We all know how crazy the Japanese market can be, so how about 2 promising Japanese players on the same roster.

While Ichiro is a SSP, this will be Kikuchi’s first Topps RC auto to come out!

They may be a little more pricey than you’d like this year, but there is some SERIOUS potential on this smallish checklist.

You can also land auto’s of the promising star Mitch Haniger and home run slugger Nelson Cruz as well.


Here are a few cheapie teams with rookies on their checklists who we think are worthy of a shot!

  1. Padres (Urias)
  2. Orioles (Mullins)
  3. Tigers (Stewart)
  4. White Sox (Kopech)


These teams have minimal hits, but if the cards come out your way, you’ll be sitting very pretty!

  1. Rockies (Arenando, Story)
  2. Diamondbacks (Goldschmidt)
  3. Dodgers (Koufax)
  4. White Sox (Kopech,Thomas)
  5. Mystery Redemption Spot
  6. Rangers (Beltre, Palmeiro)
  7. Reds (Votto)


There are many teams we left off these lists that are solid plays as well, however we chose to focus on the BEST OF THE BEST!

Teams that just missed the cut that have should be of nice value:

Cardinals, Athletics, Mets, Indians.

You can see the complete checklist here:

That about does it! 

Our goal is to inform and help the hobby to the best of our ability, so we hope you found this guide useful and hope it leads you to pay dirt this year! 

Good luck in your upcoming breaks wherever you may be breaking!

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