2019 Donruss Baseball Pick Your Team Advice.

Well the 2019 Donruss baseball checklist has officially released, and it’s time for another edition of… Top Plays, Value Plays & Boom or Bust!

FIRST… A few things you should know before diving head first into the dangerous Donruss pool.

Trout, Soto, Harper, Acuna are some of the bigger names that will not have an auto on this years checklist. Keep this in mind before paying high prices that people who have not done their research will charge.

Note: The above players do have relic cards to help even things out.



  1. Toronto Blue Jays

This goes without saying, however for those of you who are new to the card collecting community, these are not your Jose Bautista Blue Jays. This Blue Jays checklist is led by surging phenom Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Guerrero’s card prices are surging, so while you should expect to pay a premium, the reward is excellent.

2. Tampa Bay Rays

We love the Tampa Bay Rays this year as well! Teenage phenom Wander Franco leads the way for the Rays, and is followed up by dual threat Brendon McKay, Jake Bauers and Brandon Lowe. As tempted as we were to put the Rays as our Top Play, we couldn’t hop of the Vlad hype train just yet.

3. San Diego Padres

3 spots in, and still no Yankees, Braves and Angels? Weird right? San Diego packs a powerful punch this year with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Luis Urias. Investing in the Padres ensures you a chance at 2 of the top prospects in todays game!

4. Chicago White Sox

Looking for another team loaded with top talent? The White Sox give you a shot at phenom Eloy Jimenez, as well as a huge upside play in Michael Kopech. Yoan Moncada is also on the checklist for the Sox.


  1. Houston Astros

Do you like sleepers? So do we. The checklist for the Astros may seem bare at first, however a closer look will reveal both Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker. We are bullish on both players, and they are a steal at their current price point.

2. New York Mets

Another team that seems to be going overlooked on release day is the New York Mets. We love the Mets in this product as they sport both Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso on their checklist. Alonso has serious growth potential and at this price point makes the Mets hard to resist.

3. Seattle Mariners

Mariners? Seriously? haha we know. BUT…. A shot at Ichiro while landing Sheffield as a consolation is worth the risk in our opinion.


  1. Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are a tricky team this year. You have some huge names on the checklist in Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz and Roger Clemens. The problem is these are SSP Autos, so the chance at a bust is more likely than a boom. Betts and Devers do have some relics in this product to help offset the pain should you skunk out.

2. New York Yankees

Aaron Judge, Don Mattingly, Clint Frazier, Gary Sanchez and Phil Niekro. Oh yea, and Jonathan Loaisiga and Chance Adams. You get the drift.

While the list is stacked, it is fair to note than Judge, Mattingly and a few others are SSP. They may not pop up as often as you’d like, however when they do it’s pay day!

Final Thoughts

This should be a very entertaining product during release week. While it is not a product we recommend investing in past the first 10 days of release, it is a hit heavy product that should provide serious entertainment value for those who are either entering breaks, or opening up boxes themselves.

Cases contain 48 Hits and 90 numbered parallels.


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