2019 Donruss Baseball – Quick Product Breakdown

2019 Donruss Baseball

Donruss has always been known for it’s notable amount of hits. While this may never be a high end premium product, that does not mean that it can’t be fun and a crowd pleaser.

One way Donruss ensures that they capture your heart is by bringing the star power! Take a look below at this absolutely loaded Retro 1985 Checklist.

Retro 1985 Aaron Judge.

So super stars and Hall of famers isn’t your thing huh? That’s fine, because Donruss made sure to throw your favorite prospects in this years product as well!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Signature Series Autograph.

Each box will contain 3 autos or relics on average along with 5 numbered cards.

For those of you who are big into case breaks….. that amounts to 54 Autos/Relics and 90 numbered cards per case!

That is a lot of punch if you ask us!

Take a look below at the rest of the checklist we have put together for you in an easy to read format!

This product releases tomorrow, and we truly believe you should be excited. It’s fun, inexpensive and packed with your favorite players.


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