Mike Trout is #winning. Your card collection is not.

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Today it was confirmed that Mike Trout and the Angels are finalizing the details on the most lucrative contract in baseball history. Mike Trout will be receiving a 12 year extension worth $430 Million dollars. Oh! My! God! Becky! Look at that contract. To put this in context, he is receiving over 30% more than Bryce Harpers massive deal with … Read More

2019 Topps Inception Case Break Advice.

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Welcome to another edition of Big Time Breaks “Case Break Advice”. In this edition we will focus on the hot new product 2019 Topps Inception which is set to hit shelves this week (3/20/19). After a quick glance at the checklist, our initial reaction was something like this…. “UGH! Why would they.. OHHH I like that… wait! WHY didn’t they!! … Read More

Why this may be the best year for Inception……EVER

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Inception has always been a popular product. Why? I personally think it is because the quality of the card is spectacular and reminiscent of a high end product like Museum or Tribute, but for a fraction of the price. I also think it is because the design of the card and the action photos they choose are far more superior … Read More

1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie Card. Your Golden Ticket.

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What if someone told you that if you gave them $800 right now, they would give you back $1000 in 6 months? Would you take them up on the offer? What if instead of $1000, they offered you $1200!? Considering the S&P 500 showed a return of -4.7% last year and +21.83% in 2017, you’d be pretty hard pressed to … Read More

2019 Donruss Baseball Pick Your Team Advice.

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Well the 2019 Donruss baseball checklist has officially released, and it’s time for another edition of… Top Plays, Value Plays & Boom or Bust! FIRST… A few things you should know before diving head first into the dangerous Donruss pool. Trout, Soto, Harper, Acuna are some of the bigger names that will not have an auto on this years checklist. … Read More

2019 Donruss Baseball – Quick Product Breakdown

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Donruss has always been known for it’s notable amount of hits. While this may never be a high end premium product, that does not mean that it can’t be fun and a crowd pleaser. One way Donruss ensures that they capture your heart is by bringing the star power! Take a look below at this absolutely loaded Retro 1985 Checklist. … Read More

2019 Topps Heritage – Release Day Review

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2019 Topps Heritage release day has come and gone. To celebrate, we opened up a sealed case of the product in order to help familiarize collectors with the different variations and short prints.  Here is what came out of our release day case: Case #1 packed some serious punch. Starting with the autographs… We were extremely pleased with the results … Read More